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2019 International Conference on Advanced Materials and Applications (AMA 2019)

About AMA 2019

In 21st century, mankind faces dual challenges of energy distribution and global warming. To reduce the carbon emission to below 2ºC by 2050, we need to reduce our use of fossil fuels (carbon emission) from the current carbon emission level of about 50Gt/year to about 23 Gt/year. To keep the global warming in check, we need to hit 1.5ºC that means to reduce carbon to about 8Gt/year.  If no effective measures are taken by the world, according to current policy trajectory, we will reach 70Gt/year carbon emission by 2050. Carbon neutral and/or zero carbon technologies are urgently needed to avert ever increasing draught, flooding, wild fires, etc.

Advanced material is the foundation of new generation of sustainable technologies. With the assistance from computational material science, and nanotechnology derived manipulation, characterization capabilities, a new generation of advanced materials is emerging.  Considering the fact that world population is growing, and mineral and ores are dwindling, the focus of our future materials would have to be carbon neutral, sustainable, and multifunctional. Hopefully the surface would be multifaceted to induce much higher functionalities, such as self-adjusting properties, self-adaptable microstructural shifts, the ability to reduce friction, drag, and changing conductivity and even icephobic.  Some of properties require multiscale, hierarchical structures to manifest. This new class of materials in general can be referred to as multiscale, multifunctional materials.

In view of this development, it is our sincere with to organize this new conference on Advanced Materials and Applications to gather forefront researchers around the world to network, and exchange our ideas.

Our conference theme is from Concept to Applications, similar to the translational research term often used in biomedical field.  In this conference, we will explore new materials discovery, multiscale multifunctional surface design and fabrication, characterization and testing of new materials, and the potential for new technologies.

We welcome your contribution and hope you can join us to undertake this new venture into the future.

Prof. Stephen Hsu
Honorary Chair of the conference.


CFP Topics:
    Materials science advanced coatings (Plasma spray coating for engine application)
    Self-adaptive materials, Self-healing materials
    Tribology (Friction Prediction)
    Icephobic materials
    Anti-Corrosion materials
    Multifunctional materials, Drag reduction materials
AMA 2019 Speakers (Find More )

Prof. Qunji Xue (Plenary Speaker)

Honorary Chair of AMA 2019

Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, CAS, China

Prof. Stephen M. Hsu (Plenary Speaker)

Honorary Chair of AMA 2019

The George Washington University, USA 

Prof. Anish Tuteja (Plenary Speaker)

University of Michigan,USA

Speech Title: Designing Durable Icephobic Surfaces

Prof. Lei Jiang     (Plenary Speaker)

Institute of Chemistry, Chinese academy of sciences, China

Prof. Dmitry Shchukin (Plenary Speaker)

University of Liverpool, UK

Prof. Marek W. Urban (Plenary Speaker)

Clemson University, USA

Speech Title: Designing Self-Healing Materials from Commodity Monomers (Learn More)


Dr. Anssi Laukkanen (Plenary Speaker)

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, Finland

Prof. Minhao Zhu (Keynote Speaker)

Southwest JiaoTong University, China

Prof. Liping Wang (Keynote Speaker)

Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, CAS, China

Prof. Zuankai Wang (Keynote Speaker)
City University of Hong Kong



Publication and Indexing

All the papers will be peer reviewed. Selected presented papers with good quality will be recommended to be published in the special issues of following journals:

1. International Journal of Modern Physics B

2. Surface Engineering

3. Tribology International

4. Coatings

5. Science and Engineering of Composite Materials

Latest News

Jan. 15, 2019-AMA 2019 was posted in Springer! (Click)

Nov. 10, 2018-AMA 2019 can be checked in Nature! (Click)

April 3, 2018-AMA 2019 will be held in Ningbo, China during April 10-13, 2019!.

April 3, 2018-AMA 2019 is organized by Hong Kong Society of Mechanical Engineers(HKSME) and Sponsored by Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, CAS, Southwest Jiaotong University, Swinburne University of Technology,!

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April 10,2019 - Registration

April 11,2019 - Opening speech + Plenary Speech + Keynote Speech

April 12,2019 - Invited Speech+Technical Sessions

April 13,2019 - Technical Tour

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Deadline of Abstract Submission: Feb. 20,2019

Notification of Acceptance: :Feb. 28, 2019

Registration Deadline: Mar. 10, 2019

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