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AMA 2019 Speakers

Prof. Geyu Lu (Keynote Speaker)

Jilin University, China

Title of Speech: Mixed Potential Gas Sensors Combining Stabilized Zirconia with Sensing Oxide Electrodes


The mixed potential type gas sensor based on yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) as a solid electrolyte and metal oxides as sensing electrode is considered to be a potential device for on-board diagnosis for cars. In order to enhance the sensing performance of mixed potential type gas sensors, the different composite oxide sensing materials with excellent electrochemical catalytic activity, including V, Nb and Ta system, were developed and the high performance triple phase boundary (TPB) was designed and fabricated by various strategies including HF corroding, the double-tape casting, the femtosecond laser direct writing technology and sand blasting technology. This talk is focused on the design and preparation of high performance sensing electrodes and the fabrication of high performance triple phase boundary for mixed potential type gas sensors.

Biography: Lu Geyu, professor and dean of college of electronic science and engineering, Jilin University. In 1985 and 1988, he received his bachelor and master's degree in semiconductor chemistry from the department of electronic science, Jilin university. In 1998, he obtained his Dr. Eng. degree from kyushu university in Japan. From 1988 to 1998, he had worked as research assistant and lecture in department of electronic science, Jilin university. He had served as senior engineering in Yamazaki Company, Japan from 1998 to 2006. He became a full professor of college of electronic science and engineering, Jilin University, in 2006. He is interested in chemical sensors, solar cells as well as oxide semiconductor nanomaterials. So far, he has published more than 300 peer reviewed papers. H-index is 48. He has obtained 1 Japan patent and 25 China patents. He won the first prize of Jilin province natural science (First person, 2017), second prize of science and technology progress in the department of machinery (1997), third prize of national education committee for scientific and technological progress (1991), research significant achievement award of the seventh-five year national science and technology commission (1990), quality improvement excellence award in Yamazaki institute of technology, Japan (2004), top quality award in Tokyo gas company of Japan (2005).