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AMA 2019 Speakers

Prof. Huawei Chen (Keynote Speaker)

Beihang University, China

Title of Speech: Micro-nano Scale dynamic behavior on hierarchical surface and its surface function mechanism

Abstract: With high speed development of micro-nano-characterization, and micro-nano fabrication, novel hierarchical structure and surface function have been found in the duration of the natural cognition.  Fortunately, creative inspiration can be gotten from nature and it is an effective way to solve the problems of major engineering.  Aiming at the important interface problems encountered in the field of aerospace and precise medical treatment such as anti-icing and anti-slipping, systematical characterization on unique natural biological wet surface (tree frog, Nepenthes peristome) were conducted.  Their underlying functional mechanisms were investigated to make clear the relationship between hierarchical structure and interfacial liquid film.  Novel phenomena of continuous directional liquid spreading, ultrafast liquid transport and uniform liquid spreading were discovered on specific micro-nano hierarchical surface. These novel interfacial liquid adjusting mechanisms result in unique surface function such as the wet-slipping and anti-slipping. The design principle of bio-inspired anti-slipping and slippery surface were proposed.  On basis of surface function mechanism of natural biological surface, we developed anti-icing coating for airplane and bio-inspired medical device for precision medicine, whose efficiency were also validated in practical applications.

Bio: Chen Huawei, Professor/Deputy dean of School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation. Dr. Chen graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan and worked in Tokyo Institute of Technology and University of Wollongong for several years.  His projects were selected as The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, Ten Thousand Talents Plan etc.  Dr. Chen’s research fields include bio-inspired functional surface, micro-nano fluidics and micro-nano fabrication.  Dr. Chen has published more than 30 journal papers last 5 years in Nature, Nature Materials, Advanced Materials, Small etc.  His work in Nature is also the first paper published in Nature for domestic mechanical engineering of China.