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AMA 2019 Speakers

Prof. Liping Wang (Keynote Speaker)

Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, CAS, China

Title of Speech: Hard yet tough nitride-based coatings with anti-bacterial and crack self-healing behaviors

Abstract: The motivation of this study is to develop an evaluate ceramic coatings, which appear to be the promising solid lubrication and excellent wear resistance at wide temperature range from room temperature to 800 °C. At the same time, the coatings have a long effect anti-bacterial and crack self-healing action. The nitride ceramic coatings incorporated with Ag were prepared by arc ion plating at 400 °C. The hard yes tough coatings with a unique shell-like structure have composed of the discontinuous Ag layer and superhard nitride layer alternately. The ceramic coatings have a thickness of 2-3 mm and hardness of about 40 GPa. The uniaxial micropillar compression tests were carried out to identify the fracture strength, and the result shows the coatings have high fracture strength of 14 GPa. The friction coefficient of the coatings is relatively low, and it is about 0.15 at room temperature and 0.2 at 650 °C, respectively. It is found the coatings have a good crack self-healing properties by annealing treatment. The mechanism of silver assisted healing of the coatings was revealed by TEM analysis and simulation method. The Ag nanoparticles (AgNPs) would release from the coating by ‘micro-channel’ and the release rate is determined by the microstructure of the coating. The coatings can release AgNPs at a low concentration and have an excellent anti-bacterial activity.

Biography: Prof. Liping Wang is now the director of Key Laboratory of Marine Materials and Related Technologies, in Chinese Academy of Sciences, and group leader of advanced marine materials and environmental behaviors. He devoted in the research of surface engineering with designed functions, particularly for anti-corrosion and anti-wear purpose. During his academic career period, he received Ten-Thousand Talents Program, Excellent Training Program for Youth Scientists from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Talented Youth Program and Distinguished Young Scholars from the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Dr. Wang published 150 SCI papers with 4000 total citations in materials surface and interfaces area, and also hold over 30 Chinese patents in low-frictions films and anti-corrosion coatings. His research achievement won the 2016 National Technology Invention Award (Rank 1) for his outstanding research work low friction films, working collaboratively with number of high-tech companies.

王立平,中科院宁波材料技术与工程研究所研究员,博士生导师。中科院海洋新材料与应用技术重点实验室主任,浙江省海洋材料与防护技术重点实验室主任。国家杰出青年基金获得者,入选国家万人计划和国家百千万人才工程被授予“有突出贡献中青年专家”荣誉称号。一直从事特殊环境下材料多因素损伤、表面多途径延寿设计的理论与工程应用研究,设计发展的系列海洋重防腐涂料、海洋耐磨蚀涂层等在海洋工程、临海航天装备领域获得成功应用。申请国家发明专利48件,其中已授权30件。出版中文专著2部,发表SCI论文150篇,SCI他人引用4000余次。研究成果获国家技术发明二等奖(排名第1)、“全国创新争先奖”、 中国好设计银奖,中国腐蚀与防护学会杰出青年学术奖、中国机械工程学会青年科技成就奖和摩擦学分会摩擦学青年学者奖。