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AMA 2019 Speakers

Prof. Minhao Zhu (Keynote Speaker)

Southwest JiaoTong University, China

Title of Speech: Damage Mechanisms of Varied Fretting Fatigue Modes

Abstract: According to the lording direction, the fretting fatigue can be divided into three basic modes: i.e. tension-compression, bending and torsional fretting fatigue. Based on a multi-axis tension-torsion fatigue testing machine platform, the tension-compression, bending and torsional fretting fatigue devices were self-designed respectively, the systematic tension-compression, bending and torsional fretting fatigue tests of 316L austenitic stainless steel, LZ50 steel and 7075 aluminum alloy were carried out on the point contact mode with cylinder/cylinder vertical cross. The fretting fatigue S-N curves were obtained. The various fretting damage zones (partial slip regime (PSR), mixed fretting regime (MFR) and slip regime (SR)) of fretting fatigue samples were analysed comprehensively by optical microscope (OM), scanning electron microscope (SEM), electron energy disperse spectroscopy (EDS), X- ray photoelectron spectrometer (XPS), electron probe microscope analysis (EPMA), transmission electron microscope (TEM) and 3-D white light interferometer. The characteristics of S-N curve, surface damage morphologies, fractographies, crack source locations, crack propagation paths, and crack initiation mechanisms were reviewed systematically. The common features for three various fretting fatigue were outlined and the special phenomena distinguish from others of each mode also has been presented. Two crack initiation mechanisms under various fretting fatigue modes for different metallic materials with different stacking fault energy have been founded.

Key words: fretting fatigue; tension-compression fretting fatigue; bending fretting fatigue; torsional fretting fatigue; fretting damage; crack initiation; damage mechanism

担任International Symposium on Fretting Fatigue(国际微动疲劳专题委员会)的国际执委、香港机械工程师学会(HKSME)理事,以及中国机械工程学会摩擦学分会摩擦学设计专业委员会主任委员、表面工程分会副理事长和材料分会常务理事、中国体视学学会金相与显微分析分会常务理事、铁道学会材料工艺委员会理事、四川省腐蚀与防护学会理事长、四川省防腐保温学会副理事长;《Friction》、《Frontier of Mechanical Engineering(机械工程前沿)》、《中国表面工程》、《摩擦学学报》、《材料热处理学报》、《机械工程材料》、《材料保护》等期刊编委。