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AMA 2019 Speakers

Prof. Zuankai Wang (Keynote Speaker)
City University of Hong Kong

Speech Title: Nature-inspired topological surfaces for water and energy nexus: From liquid diode to pancake bouncing

Abstract: The progress of humankind has been marked by five main waves of innovation. Each wave has transformed our industries and societies, yet is also coupled with the consumption of resources, pollution, and energy/water shortage. In contrast, honed by billion years’ evolution, nature has developed extraordinary principles which are characterized with green energy and resilience. This talk focuses on how the design of nature-inspired materials will address the grand challenges facing us such as water and energy.

In particular, I will discuss our recent progress in the exploration of various nature-inspired topological structures for various engineering implementations. I will show that the rational design and control of topological effect, which is generally overlooked in the conventional design, will be able to fundamentally change the solid/liquid interfaces, extend the boundaries of conventional engineering, and spur innovations for various implementations such as thermal management, reversible adhesion, electricity generation, liquid diode-like transport and soft robot (1-7).


Biography: Dr. Zuankai Wang is currently a professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the City University of Hong Kong, and one of the founding members of Young Academy of Science of Hong Kong. He earned his B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Jilin University in 2000 and Master degree in Microelectronics from Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in 2003, and Ph. D. degree in Mechanical Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2008. After one year postdoc training in Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University, he joined in the City University of Hong Kong in September 2009 as an assistant professor.  Over the past four years, his research group has published 9 papers in Nature/Science Series Journals. His work has been included in the Guinness Book of World Records, and highlighted in Nature, Nature Physics and many other media coverages. Prof. Wang has received many awards including the 35th World Cultural Council Special Recognition Award (2018), President’s Lectureship at City University of Hong Kong (2018, the first Professor to deliver this lecture), Outstanding Research Award (Senior, 2017) and President’s Award at the City University of Hong Kong (2017, 2016), Changjiang Chair Professor by Ministry of Education of China (2016). Outstanding Youth Award conferred by the International Society of Bionic Engineering (2016), OSA Young Scientist Award (2016). The Ph.D. students he supervised have won a number of prestigious awards including Young 1000 Talent Plan (2017, two PHD graduates), MRS Graduate Student Gold Award (2016 Fall Meeting), Hiwin Doctoral Dissertation Award (2016), Hong Kong Young Scientist Award (2015), and MRS Graduate Student Silver Award (2015 Spring Meeting).


王钻开教授长期从事仿生拓扑机械系统、表面工程等领域的研究工作。尤其是在国际上首次发现了饼状弹跳现象,突破传统超浸润界面的理论、研究思路和应用,揭示了固/液动态接触时间的终极极限这一核心问题;提出拓扑流体二极管和液滴整流器概念,并开发了一系列无源自驱动器件; 首次研发水下可逆胶带;创造性地开展了液液发电概念。在Science、Science Advances、Nature Physics、Nature Communications、National Science Review等国际权威综合杂志发表论文10篇,另外在Physical Review Letters、Nano Letters、ACS Nano、Advanced Materials、 Advanced Functional Materials 等顶级专业期刊发表论文几十篇。荣获教育部杰出留学生奖(2007)、美国材料学会杰出研究生银奖(2007)、国际仿生学会杰出青年奖(2016)、美国光学学会青年科学奖(2016)、上银优秀机械博士论文奖优秀奖(2016,指导教师)、香港城市大学校长奖(2016, 2017),香港城市大学杰出研究奖(2017),第35届世界文化理事会青年特别嘉奖(2018),香港城市大学President Lectureship研究奖(2018),首届香港科学院青年院士(2018)等。指导博士研究生荣获2015年美国材料学会杰出研究生银奖、香港青年科学家奖(工程类,2015,每年1人)、2016年美国材料学会杰出研究生金奖、上银优秀机械博士论文奖优秀奖(2016)。其中,两位博士毕业生入选第十三批国家“千人计划”青年项目(2017)。